Learner Licence

Whatever level of learner driver you are, Helensvale Driver Training has got you covered! From raw beginners to test ready students, we are fully qualified in all aspects of driver training. We will make you comfortable behind the wheel, with our Learn to Drive programme, tailored to your specific needs.


Practical Driving Test

Have the confidence to drive to the best of your abilities on the test with our pre-test lesson. Use our vehicle for the test and relax knowing you have the skills to pass easily.

Review your driving skills

No matter how long we have had our licence, we could all do with a brush up on both our skills and the newer road rules. Because no-one likes being around drivers who don’t know what they are doing!Liz from Helensvale Driver Training is trained in assisting experienced drivers of all ages to gain the confidence to handle the busy roads, and apply road rules as required.


FREE Driving Lesson

Never driven solo before? Then you are eligible for a no obligation, FREE driving lesson from our Accredited Keys2drive Driving Instructor! To access this free lesson, simply register at Keys2drive.com.au and send us the Student ID number so we can book you in for your free lesson!keys2drive is an Australian Government-funded program, providing learner drivers and their parents/supervisors a free driving lesson, with a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor. So you can both gain confidence when driving with learner drivers.

Lesson Prices

Single lesson (1 hour) $75 – counts as 3 hours in log book*

90 minutes – $110 – counts as 4.5 hours in log book*

2 hour lesson $140 – counts as 6 hours in log book*

3 Lesson package $210 (Save $15) – counts as 9 hours in log book*

5 Lesson package $345 (Save $30) – counts as 15 hours in log book*

10 Lesson package $650 (Save $100) – counts as 30 hours in log book*

10 lesson package is currently unavailable in case we go into lockdown again.

Practical Driving Test Package (up to 2.5 hours**) $170

** includes a 1 hour warm up lesson, using the training vehicle on the test, and assistance with associated paperwork requirements for Queensland Transport.

Accident Avoidance Course $120 per 90 minutes – available to provisional and full licence holders.

*Every hour you drive with an accredited driver trainer counts for 3 hours in your logbook—up to a maximum of 10 actual hours or 30 logbook hours.

Any hours with a driver trainer after the 10 actual hours will be recorded in your logbook in real time.

Package deals are separate, and cannot be used as part of the test day package.

Pay cash on the day to your instructor, or direct debit the day before:

Account Name: Helensvale Driver Training

Account Number: 504049713

BSB: 084004

NOTE: Please use Learner Drivers surname as payment reference.

Weekly Direct Debit payment plan using debit or credit card.

Discount packages available using weekly direct debit payments. Please note, these payment plans are designed to help students who cannot afford to pay for the packages up front. They can pay for the lessons over a period of time, therefore, the lessons can not be given weekly.

Please contact us before purchasing payment plan.

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